St. Mary Orthodox Church

Cambridge, MA

Orthodox Christian Witness Program

Current Semester

Learn more about our Winter 2020 Program.


This program and journey is an opportunity for anyone interested to learn, to reflect, and to be transformed through the Orthodox Christian Faith in preparation for various ministries.


This spiritual pilgrimage is an interdisciplinary approach to create a cadre of leaders in the church. It is aimed to empower and equip Orthodox Christians to nourish and share the faith in 21st century by:

  • Offering frameworks and models of encountering God.

  • Offering frameworks and tools in order to enhance and facilitate inner spiritual growth.

  • Using Orthodox Christian theology and contemporary perspectives to encounter God.

  • Gaining insights and methods to witness and to share the faith.

  • Enhancing leadership skills in order to contribute effectively in parish ministry and to the world at large

For questions or to register please email at or call at 617-274-8336.