St. Mary Orthodox Church

Cambridge, MA

Update for the week Thursday, May 9 - Wednesday, May 15, 2019


SATURDAY 5/11 - Young Adult Night: this Saturday our sister parish of Sts. Constantine & Helen, 14 Magazine St, will be hosting the young adults for “Ain’t No Party Like a Resurrection Party.”  Vespers 5:00pm, Food & Dancing 6:00pm
   + Sunset Cruise Gala - Theophany School Sunset Cruise Gala aboard the Lexington riverboat on Saturday, May 11, 6:30pm-8:30pm. Cost: $125.  If interested in tickets visit

SUNDAY 5/12 - Orthros 8:45am, Divine Liturgy 10:00am, followed by last Church School class of the year

CONGRATULATIONSMary Winstanley O’Connor has been awarded the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese Antonian Gold Medal of Merit in recognition of distinguished service of exceptional merit, rendered with generous and unselfish dedication.  May God Grant You Many Years!!!  
NEW CHURCH SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT – This fall we will welcome a new Church School superintendent, Deno Takles. Deno will replace Barbara Mabbett Shoop, who is retiring from the position this year after several years of devoted service. Our thanks and best wishes to both of them!


NO FASTING – There is no fasting on Wednesday or Friday, not only during Bright Week (4/29-5/4) but for the entire forty days from Pacha until the Feast of the Ascension, June 6. (This is the decision of the Holy Synod of the Church of Antioch.) This cessation of fasting, however, is purely voluntary; you may fast if you wish.

FOOD FOR HUNGRY PEOPLE – The Food for Hungry People 2019 collection boxes are due - please pass them in at the Bengarri.

ST. MARY’S ANNIVERSARY – On Saturday, May 18 we will celebrate our 90th Anniversary at the Crown Plaza in Woburn.  Plan to join us for cocktails 6:00-7:00pm, dinner and dancing 7:00-11:00pm.
Adults $60, children 12 and under $30. Reservation deadline: Wednesday, May 1.
WE WANT YOUR PHOTOS! - The Young Adult Ministry is collecting photos of St. Mary's from past and present for the 90th Anniversary Celebration in May. If you have photos of family, relatives and friends from events at St. Mary's, please email to stmarys90thphotos@gmail.comor share them through GoogleDrive. Suggestions are photos of Holy Days, sacraments or other milestones; however all photos are welcome!

SCHOLARSHIPS - The Archdiocese will be awarding several Francis Maria Scholarships of $2500 each to students attending an accredited 4 year college. This scholarship is available on the Archdiocese Scholarship page, Applications must be postmarked by Wednesday, May 15.
 +Antiochian Women’s Scholarship: Scholarships are available to females 26 years of age and older in good standing of the Antiochian Archdiocese, actively involved in their parish and who demonstrate need. The application deadline is Saturday, June 1.  Applications are available at the Bengarri and in the Church Office.  E-mail with any questions.
   + Nicholas Beram Scholastic Achievement award: applications are available for high school seniors of our Arab American Community planning to attend a 4-year college full time.  Applications are available on-line at and in the church office.  Application must be postmarked by Saturday, June 1.
PARISH COUNCIL – The next meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled for Wednesday, May 22.

FAMILY CAMP - Register now for Family camp at Antiochian Village, Friday-Monday, May 24-27.  The theme is “Fostering a Healthy Family” with Speaker Fr. Nicholas Louh.  Visit for more information.

CHURCH SCHOOL RECOGNITION – Church School Recognition following Liturgy, and a cookout sponsored by the Parish Council, will be Sunday, June 2. Church School children who attend church school on a regular basis will be recognized as they move up to the next grade or graduate.

ORATORICAL FESTIVAL - The Diocese of Worcester & New England Oratorical Festival will be held on Saturday, June 8 at St. George, Norwood
   + The Diocese of Worcester & New England Parish Life Celebration will be held this year on Saturday, June 22 at St. George, West Roxbury, hosted by St. Stephen Church, Springfield and Emmanuel Church, Warren. Register online at Registration forms are also available at the Bengarri.

CROSSROAD SUMMER INSTITUTE - CrossRoad Summer Institute, a 10-day academic summer institute for Orthodox high school juniors and seniors to help them grow closer to Christ, will be held June 15-25 and July 2-12 at Hellenic College Holy Cross.  Apply today at  

ANTIOCHIAN ARCHDIOCESE CONVENTION – This year’s Convention will be in Grand Rapids, MI, July 21-28, 2019. See 

HOSPITALITY GROUP – The St. Mary’s Donald DiFiore Memorial Hospitality Group works to build community among the larger St. Mary’s Congregation, so that we can come together in service, celebration and fellowship outside of liturgy and coffee hour.  We need members to join us, and help with planning fellowship events such as Lenten Potluck Suppers, the Dormition Feast, our annual Picnic, etc. Even if you could commit to just one event per year, this would help strengthen the sense of community and family in our parish. We also welcome new ideas for fellowship gatherings. If interested, please email Tiffany Conroy (
JOIN US ONLINE - St. Mary’s Church services are broadcast live each week through an internet video stream. If you can't attend a service in person, or want to share this ministry with a friend or loved one, the live stream can be viewed at during regularly scheduled service times (see the schedule of services or online). If you have questions or comments about this ministry please contact us at

Whenever we enter the church and draw near to the heavenly mysteries, we ought to approach with all humility and fear, both because of the presence of the angelic powers and out of the reverence due to the sacred oblation; for as the Angels are said to have stood by the Lord's body when it lay in the tomb, so we must believe that they are present in the celebration of the Mysteries of His most sacred Body at the time of consecration.
   - Venerable Bede
You have heard, dearly beloved, that holy women who had followed the Lord came to the sepulcher with spices. They had loved Him when He was alive, and they showed Him their eager tenderheartedness even when He was dead. Their deed points to something that must be done in our holy Church. Thus as we hear of what they did, we must also think of our responsibility to imitate them. We too, who believe in Him Who died, approach His sepulcher with spices if we are strengthened with the sweet smell of the virtues, and if we seek the Lord with a reputation for good works. And the women who came with spices saw angels, since those who advance toward God through their holy desires, accompanied by the sweet smell of the virtues, behold the citizens from on high.
   - St. Gregory the Great, Forty Gospel Homilies

Paschal Greetings:
            English:         Christ is Risen!                        Truly, He is Risen!
            Albanian:       Krishti u Ngjall!                        Vërtet u Ngjall!
            Amharic:        Kristos Tenesa!                        Bergit Tenesa!
            Arabic:           Al Maseeh Qam!                     Haqan Qam!
            Cantonese:   Gaydolk Folkwoot Leew!        Ta Koksut Folkwoot Leew!
            French:          Le Christ est ressuscité!          En vérité, il est ressuscité!
            Greek:            Christos Anesti!                       Alithos Anesti!
            Romanian:     Hristos a Înviat!                       Adevǎrat a Înviat!
            Slavonic:        Khristos Voskrese!                  Vo Istinu Voskrese!
            Spanish:         Christo ha Resucitado!           En Verdad ha Resucitado!
            Tigrinian:        Kristos Tensiu!                         Behake Tensiu!